An Arundel tomb

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  • An Arundel Tomb
    • Overview:Larkin went to Arundel cathedral with girlfriend in chicister. Love for one another could just be an interpretation of the art- may have not even loved each other. False love and hope emerges from poem
    • Themes: love and relationships, appearance and reality, time and its passing (erosion of time on perception).
    • 'Side by side'= together in unity.
    • 'Faces blurred'= time eroded the stone, not clear.
      • 'Vaguely shown'= perception not clear, what time has done.
    • 'lie in stone'= factual but effigy is lie, emphasises the stone.
    • Stanza 3: philosophic part of poem, cynical, questioning.
      • Stanza 4: how the world is changing around them.
    • 'Thrown off'= distraction, oxymoron, juxtaposition.
    • 'Latin'= no longer main language, people cant read it, shows how times change.
    • 'Lengths+ breadths'= gives time solidity, making it a forceful presence, tangible.
    • Stanza 5: like a cycle shows how time passes, life and death cycle.
    • 'What will survive of our love'= time can be destructive yet creative. People changing things into what they want.
    • 'Hardly'= has nothing to do with reality of their lives but its all that's left of them, hard like rock.
    • 'Scarp of history'= insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
    • Last line: seems to be positive wants to believe but part of him is sceptical,
    • Things aren't always what they seem.


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