An Inspector Calls summary

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  • An Inspector Calls
    • Birling Family and Inspector Goole
    • 1. Inspector arrives as the family are celebrating the engagement between Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft
    • 2. He tells them how a girl called Eva Smith has killed herself by drinking disinfectant - he wants to ask them some questions.
    • 3.girl used to work in Arthur Birling's factory and he had her sacked for going on strike. Mr Birling refuses to accept any responsibility for her death.
    • 4. Sheila thought that Eva had made fun of her, complained and got her sacked. Sheila is deeply ashamed and feels responsible for the girl’s death.
    • 5.forces Gerald to confess to an affair he had with Eva. Sheila respects Gerald’s honesty but returns the engagement ring he gave her.
    • 6.revealed that Sybil Birling had refused to help the pregnant Eva.
    • 7.Eric who got Eva pregnant, and stole money from his father to help her.
    • 8.The Inspector leaves. The family ring the infirmary and there is no record of a girl dying from# drinking disinfectant.
    • 9.Suddenly the phone rings, Mr Birling answers it, to his horror the phone call reveals that a young woman has just died from drinking disinfectant and the police are on their way to question them about it


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