An Inspector Calls: Social Class Act 1- Act 2

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  • Social Class
      • 'As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money!'
        • Determiner 'that' vocalises the fact that the 'working class' is beneath her.
        • Suggesting that they lack morals and will always take money.
      • 'Arthur, you're not supposed to say such things'
        • Mr Birling has to be corrected by his wife about his mannerisms, to act like he's of a higher class
      • 'I'm Mrs Birling, y'know'
        • Mentioning her social status to the inspector with pride
      • 'gross impertinence'
        • Disgusted by the fact that Eva used the named 'Mrs Birling' when asking the committee for help
      • '..they’d soon be asking for the earth."
        • When he says why he sacked Eva after she went on strike.
      • 'Perhaps I ought to explain first that this is Mr Gerald Croft- the son of SIr George Croft- you know, Crofts Limited'
        • Trying to show-off his wealth and status to the inspector, but he dismisses it
      • 'Perhaps I ought to warn you'
        • Trying to use threats because of his social status
    • GERALD
      • 'we're respectable citizens, not criminals.'
        • Suggesting that since he is of a higher class, he is not a criminal
      • 'in fact she hadn't a penny'
        • Eva's life contrasts to the Birling's lives
      • 'you used the power you had... to punish the girl just because she made you feel like that?'
        • Trying to make Sheila feel responsible for becoming a stepping stone to Eva's suicide
      • ‘prosperous manufacturer’
      • ‘a fairly large suburban house’ with ‘good solid furniture of the period’
        • Shows that they have money to afford certain luxuries


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