An Inspector Calls: Responsibility

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  • Inspector Calls - Responsibility
    • Act 3
      • Sybil: "They will be amused as we are"
        • Sybil refuses to believe what she has done and doesn't take responsibility over her part in Eva's death.
        • Also acts the same as her husband, showing the older generation doesn't take responsibility.
      • Eric: "you lot may be letting yourselves out nicely, but I can't."
        • "I can't" shows that Eric is owning up to his past actions, accepting responsibility over his part of Eva's death.
        • Sheila also takes responsibility, showing that the younger generation can learn from their mistakes, becoming better people.
    • Act 1
      • Gerald: "You couldn't have done anything else"
        • Gerald agrees with Birling's point, showing that he doesn't take responsibility over his own workers as well.
      • Birling: "Well, it's my duty to keep labour costs down"
        • Mr Birling wants to keep labour costs down to maximise his own profits, not caring about how his workers live. He doesn't take responsibility over his workers.
    • Act 2
      • Sybil: "It's his responsibility."
        • Sybil doesn't take responsibility on her encounter with Eva, with her lying and imitating the Inspector instead.
        • She pushes responsibility away from her and tries to put it onto someone else.
      • Sheila: "miserably" + "distressed"
        • All stage directions. Shows that Sheila is upset of her actions, as well as making her learn to take responsibility.


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