An Inspector Calls - Arthur Birling

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  • Arthur Birling
    • 'I say there isn't a chance of war'
      • He is always sure he is right but that clearly isn't true.
      • WWI is coming up so that shows how naive he is.
    • 'What did you say your name was, Inspector?'
      • He is trying to intimidate the Inspector and make him feel nervous.
      • He is acting suspicious of the Inspector's motives
      • Theme: Class differences
        • He is trying to use his influence and power to scare the inspector.
    • 'I can't accept any responsibility'
      • He seems very indifferent as to the impact of his actions.
        • Theme: Gender inequality/ Class differences
          • Because she is a woman and also lower class, he sees her as lesser than him so he doesn't care about her wellbeing.
      • Theme: Responsibility
        • He sees her as just another employee and not a person (a very Capitalist attitude)
    • 'She'd had a lot to say - far too much'
      • Theme: Gender Inequality
        • He has an old-fashioned view of women that they shouldn't say their mind and they shouldn't be entitled to an opinion.
    • 'The famous younger generation who know it all'
      • Theme: Generation Age Gap
        • He is laughing at his children because they refuse to go on as though nothing has happened.
        • The quote shows that he thinks children don't have any worthy ideas/opinions
          • In reality his children are morally right where he is wrong yet he refuses to listen as he believes he is superior
    • 'So long as we behave ourselves, don't... start a scandal - eh?'
      • He is only interested in his own reputation
      • He is very focused on his public image and upholding that.


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