An inspector calls- Arther and sybil

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  • An inspector calls- Mr birling, sybil
    • Mr birling
      • Shown as dislikable
        • Audience will distance themselves from hime
        • birling represents capitalist view
          • Priestley is against this
        • Uses dramatic irony to make him look stupid and discredit them
          • 'unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable'
            • One month later the titanic sinks
              • Titanic represents the upper class
                • The powerful upper class were to be sunk in 1945
                • Shows the ruling class's stupidity
      • Egotistical and only cares for himself
        • He brags the 'I might find my way onto the next honours list'
          • Ironic because honour means to have an allegiance to moral principles
            • He has no of this as he doesn't care about other people only about what they may think of him
              • Priestley is criticising selfish behaviour
          • He is undeserving of this
            • Shows how unfair society was at the time- injustice between classes
        • After the inspector leaves all he is concerned about is 'there will be a public scandle- unless we are lucky'
          • None of what the inspector just said has had any effect on him
          • Only cares about his reputation not that he helped kill someone
            • Priestly suggests that the older generation were unable to change resulting in two world wars so we (the audience) must be the ones to do so
    • Sybil Birling
      • Can be sympathised with
        • Outwardly cruel
          • Capatalism is a thing of nature to her as that is how she has been brought up
            • Or capitalism may just be the natural human nature which we grow into
              • The older we are the harder it is to escape our nature which is why it sis easier for the younger generation to change
            • She is a victim of capitalism which she cannot escape as it is the only way she knows
              • She has been indoctrinated by a capitalist outlook on life
          • Described as 'cold'
            • Has faced discrimination in her life
              • As she is a woman she has had her desires opressed
                • She can only cope through passing on suffereing to others
                  • Demonstrated by the fact they sit on opposite sides of the table
                  • Although this still isn't acceptable we can understand the reasons for this
              • Despite being from the ruling class she is still segregated from her husband
                • Demonstrated by the fact they sit on opposite sides of the table
      • Feels superior
        • 'As is a girl of that sort would ever refuse money'
          • Labels her as a girl- less than a woman
            • suggests how she feels superior
          • 'of that sort'
          • The poor are always after money
            • Ironic because its the ruling class that are always after more money
            • Eva only wanted a couple of shillings more
            • Views the poor as scandalas
          • Feels morally superior
      • Refuses blame
        • blames the father
          • as he was drunk
          • as he was from a different class
            • Priestley is trying to create a society where class doesn't matter
              • She is the anticipate


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