Key Quotes, Inspector Calls

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  • An Inspector Calls: Key Quotes
    • Inspector Goole
      • ACT THREE: 'there are millions and million and millions of Eva Smith and John Smith'
      • ACT TWO: 'We often do the younger ones. They're impressionable'
      • ACT ONE: 'A chain of events'
    • Eva/Daisy
      • ACT ONE: 'Burnt her inside out, of course'
      • ACT TWO: 'Girl of that class'
      • ACT THREE: 'she treated me - as if I was a kid'
    • Sheila
      • ACT ONE: 'but I felt rotten about it all the time and now I feel a lot worse'
      • ACT TWO: 'build up a kind of wall between us and that girl'
      • ACT THREE: 'Fire and blood and anguish'
    • Gerald
      • ACT ONE: 'why I shouldn't see this girl's photograph, Inspector?'
      • ACT TWO: 'Sorry-I-well, I've suddenly realised-taken it in probably- that she's dead.'
      • ACT THREE:'What about this ring?'
    • Mr Birling
      • ACT ONE:'I discharged her'
      • ACT TWO: 'But you weren't asked to come here to talk to me about my responsibiites'
      • ACT THREE: 'slightest proof that this Daisy Renton was really Eva Smith'
    • Sybil Birling
      • ACT ONE: 'Really the things you girls pick up these days'
      • ACT TWO: 'go and look for the father of the child;
      • ACT THREE: 'amused as we are'
    • Eric
      • ACT ONE:'She's got a nasty temper sometimes'
      • ACT THREE: we all admitted it'


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