An Inspector Calls - Eric Birling

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  • An Inspector Calls: Eric Birling
    • Description
      • Employed in his father's business
      • "not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive"
      • Father of Daisy Renton's unborn child
        • Lack of self-control
          • Behaviour of a middle class man
      • Drinks heavily
        • Lack of self-control
          • Behaviour of a middle class man
    • Responsibility
      • More of a social conscience than Gerald and his parents
      • Represents the younger generation
        • Willing to change
      • Accepts responsibility
    • Relationships
      • treated as a "misfit"
      • weak relationship with his father
        • Birling is "not the type of father a chap can turn to when he's in trouble"
          • Birling treats him with agression
            • "you hysterical young fool - get back - or I'll"
      • Treated as a child by his mother
        • believes he doesn't drink alcohol when he does
          • dramatic irony
          • heavy drinker
            • ***** Eva Smith
              • saw it as fun
                • "pretty and a good sport"
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    • Position in society
      • middle class
        • privaledged
          • "your trouble is - you've been spoilt"


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