An Inspector Calls- Conflict Essay Plan

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  • How does Priestley present conflict?
    • P1
      • What
        • Mrs Birling
        • "But I accept no blame for it at all"
      • How
        • She is indifferent about Eva's death.
        • Conflict between her and the Inspector- she tries to intimidate him and fails.
      • Why
        • Priestley does not agree with her attitude because he felt that it was these attitudes that were preventing society from changing.
          • He intentionally makes her dislikeable.
        • Highlights how stuck in her ways she is- as she represents upper cla** women.
    • P2
      • What
        • Contrast between Mr Birling and the Inspector.
        • "a man has to mind his own busine** and look after himself"
      • How
        • He opposes everything the Inspector says.
        • Everything the Inspector says is opposite to Mr Birling's.
          • They argue a lot.
      • Why
        • The Inspector represents socialism and Mr Birling represents capitalism.
          • Priestey has intentionally made Mr Birling and his views unlikeable so the audience disagrees with him.
    • P3
      • What
        • At the heart of the Birling family
        • "This isn't the time to pretend Eric isn't used to drink"
      • How
        • The Inspector is constantly putting each member up against each other.
          • Eric and Mr Birling- Eric's remorsefulne-** but his father's unchanging views creations tension.
      • Why
        • The Inspector unravelling at the corruption within the family breaks the façade that the the upper cla**es are perfect.
          • The upper cla** hid the conflict from society, pretending it wasn't there,
          • It was the Inspector who did it- they couldn't realise how bad they were on their own.
    • P4
      • What
        • Age
        • "You're beginning to pretend now that nothing's really wrong"
      • Why
        • Priestley presenting the younger generation as changeable demonstrates that he knows there's hope.
        • The audience wouldn't want to a**icate with the older generation's views by agreeing with them.
          • They are more inclined to agree with Sheila and Eric and therefore take on socialist views.


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