An Inspector Calls - Context

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  • An  Inspector Calls - Context
    • 20th Century - a time of great global change
    • JB Priestley
      • Keen to pioneer a new morality in politics
      • Chief concerns was with social inequality in Britain and the need for nuclear disarmament
    • Set in 1912
      • First World War to start in 2 years time
        • Birling's view that there wouldn't be a war was completely wrong
      • Strong distinctions between the upper and lower classes
      • Women were subservient to men
        • Well off women got married
        • Poorer women seen as cheap labour
      • Ruling classes saw no change in the status quo
    • Play written in 1945
      • Second World War ended on 8th May 1945, people were recovering from nearly six years of warfare, danger and uncertainty
      • Class distinctions had been greatly reduced due to the two wars
      • Women had earned a more valued place in society due to their effort in the wars
      • Great desire for social change
      • Immediately after the war Attlee's Labour Party won a landslide victory over Churchill and the Conservatives


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