An Inspector Calls- Quotes for the Main Themes

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  • An Inspector Calls- By JB Priestley (Main Themes)
    • Class
      • 'Just used her for the end of a drunken evening, as if she was an animal, a thing, not a person" - The Inspector on Eric
      • "Their are millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us with their lives, their hopes and fears"- The Inspector
      • "Lady Croft- while she doesn't object to my girl- feels you might have done better for yourself socially" - Mr Birling
      • "I was Lord Mayor here two years ago when royalty visited us... I gather there's a very good chance of a knighthood"- Mr Birling
      • "But these girls aren't cheap labour they're people"- Sheila
    • Social Responsibility
      • Mr Birling
        • "I can't accept any responsibility. If we were all responsible for everything that happened to everyone we'd had anything to do with, it would be very awkward wouldn't it"
        • "Community and all that nonsense"
        • "A man has to make his own way- has to look after himself- and his family too, of course.. and so long as he does that he wont come to much harm"
      • Mrs Birling
        • "I think she only had herself to blame.
        • "Go look for the father of the child. It"s his responsibility"
        • "I've done nothing wrong- and you know it"
      • Sheila
        • "It was my own fault"
        • "I know I'm to blame"
        • "I'm ashamed"
        • "You don't seem to have learnt anything"
        • "Alright Gerald you needn't look at me like that. At least I'm trying to tell the truth. I expect you've done things you're ashamed of too"
      • The Inspector
        • "Share our guilt"
        • "Public men, Mr Birling, have responsibilities as well as priviledges"
        • "We are members of one body"
        • "We are responsible for each other"
        • "It's better to ask for the earth than to take it'
      • Eric
        • "I don't see much nonsense about it when a girl goes and kills herself. You lot may be letting yourselves out nicely, but I can't. Nor can mother. We did her in all right."
    • Age
      • "Now you three young people, just listen to this.. by the time you’ll be living in a world that’ll have forgotten all these Capital versus Labour agitators and these silly little war scares" - Mr Birling
      • "The fact remains that I did what I did"- Eric
      • 'You began to learn something. And now you've stopped... it frightens me the way you talk" - Sheila
      • "Now look at them- the famous younger generation who know it all. And can't even take a joke" - Mr Birling
      • "Why you hysterical young fool- get back- or I'll" - Mr Birling to Eric
    • Gender
      • "A girl of that sort would never refuse money" - Mrs Birling
      • "We were paying the usual rates and if they didn't like those rates, they could go and work somewhere else" - Mr Birling
      • "Young, fresh and charming" - Gerald saw Eva as vulnerable and someone he could amuse himself by helping
      • 'You'll realise that men with important work to do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time... on business. You'll get used to that."- Mrs Birling to Sheila
      • "Not only something to make 'em look prettier- but- well, a sort of sign or token of their self-respect" Mr Birling on women's clothes
      • "I hate those hard-eyed dough-faced women" Gerald (superficial view of women)
      • "She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position" Mrs Birling on Eva


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