An Inspector Calls - Act Two

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  • An Inspector Calls - Act Two
    • Gerald's Affair (33-34)
      • Daisy was his mistress
        • Ignores the inspector - excuses Sheila for being "hysterical"(27)
        • "you know it wasn't disgusting" (38)
          • Mrs B was shocked - she doesn't understand the term "women of the town"
            • The palace stalls are well known for being a place to pick up prostitues so that's clearly what G was looking for
            • MEN AND WOMEN
              • The palace stalls are well known for being a place to pick up prostitues so that's clearly what G was looking for
        • Hypocrite because he thinks women should be "protected" but he took advantage of her
      • Sheila suggests that Daisy loved him as her "fairytale prince" (38)
        • He admits he "adored" (38) being loved by her
        • Broke up when he went on a business trip so he gave her SOME money (38-39)
          • He gave her a home then made her homeless - she went to a "seaside place"(39)
          • For him - a summer fling but she thought "there'd be never anything as good again" (39)
      • Sheila breaks off the engagement (40)
        • Gerald lied about working in the summer
        • Sheila says "We'd have to start all over again.."(40)
        • Mr B defends G "you know a lot of young men- " implying lots of young men have mistress'
        • Asks inspector if he can leave not Mr B which shows who he thinks is in control (40)
          • Sheila is mature enough to realise the consequences of the situation
    • Mrs B Refuses to Help
      • In-acceptance
        • Presents photo to Mrs B (41)
          • Not accepting her responsibility (41&47)
        • Cannot sympathise because she can't imagine herself in the situation
          • Her obsession with social class, she doesn't have empathy
        • YOUNG AND OLD
          • Inspector increases the tension between parents & kids to get whole story
      • Last chance to help
        • Turned down Eva/Daisy's request because..
          • "Mrs Birling"(43)
            • "Piece of gross impertinence"(43) (rude)
          • Admitted she was pregnant and her husband left her (44) but then said she wasn't married (46)
            • Eva/Daisy wouldn't marry/take any more money bc..
              • Money was stolen (47)
              • "youngster -s silly and wild and drinking too much"(46)
        • SOCIAL CLASS
          • Dismissed story as "ridiculous" and couldn't believe she'd refused money
            • A "girl in her position"
            • Based refusal of case on her social class
    • Mrs B Blames the Father
      • Inspector lets her put her foot in it - she is totally unaware it is her own son
      • Sheila acts more open to the situation & quickly sees what is going on
        • "mother - stop - stop!"(48)
          • She was more aware of the changes than anyone else
        • "No he's giving us rope - so that we'll hang ourselves"
      • Eric walks in
        • "extremely pale and distressed"(49)
        • He had been running away from the family and their expectations
          • Left dining room in act 1 and left house in act 2
        • Cliff hanger - audience doesn't know if he is the one or not


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