An Easy Passage

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  • An Easy passage, Julia Copus
    • Form
      • Surreal form and wording add to imagery
      • Free verse in a single stanza - sense of fluidity supports the ease of passage idea.
      • The line lengths are similar which appears daunting mirroring the passage
      • The long sentences at the start and end of the poem sandwich the shorter ones echoing the transition from innocence to experience.
      • The sandwiched sentences might also show a stable childhood and adulthood but a rough adolescence.
      • The range of punctuation aids the flow of the poem
      • The observational tone makes the poem story like - associated with rites of passage
    • Title
      • Suggests a rite of passage or transition
      • Either a physical or metaphorical transition
      • The title may be seen as misleading as the passage may not be easy
      • Having female characters enhances the personal feel of the poem for the poet
    • Language analysis
      • Semantic fields
        • With relation to the girl (vitality)
        • With relation to the surroundings (humanising)
      • Flush faced secretary
        • Flush connotes freshness and ambition
        • Represents the bad aspects of society, eg. dreams
      • Sharp drop of the stairwell
        • Shows both precision and pain - the good and the bad of growing up
        • The stairwell represents a physical and metaphorical transition to adulthood
      • Flash or armaments
        • She is defended and protected
        • Signals the potential for future conflict?


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