An Easy Passage

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  • An Easy Passage
    • title
      • passage of adult hood to childhood
      • idealised childlike vision of life being easy
    • section 1
      • 'she is halfway up there' - idea of her being stuck between adult and childhood
      • she is portrayed as young and vulnerable 'crouched', 'bikini', 'trembling'
      • 'she must no do this' - show imposing control of mother still in her life - imperitive
      • in life there are many 'sharp drops' and 'narrow situation' how hard life actually is
      • the girl idolises her friend who is an adult waiting for her
      • the gap between the window and her represents the gap between adult and childhood
        • uses of asyndetic listing to make climax to jump greater
        • constrast of 'flimsy, aluminium lever' and 'the warm flank of house' - shows difference between adult and childhood
          • house is her safe haven. She must stretch the length of her body showing huge gap between adult and childhood
    • section 2
      • her 'tiny breasts' emphasise her youth
      • the narrator distances themselves from the narrator asking the question 'what can she know of the way the world admits less and less the more we grow?'
        • suggests it is an older version of her looking back on her life
      • narrator says the girl world is idealised 'lit as if from within'
        • the first one has 'golds studs' suggesting she is growing up
        • childhood is idyllic compared to the 'long grey eye of the street' - life
    • section 3
      • we see the 'drab, electroplating factory' which juxtaposes the idealised childhood suggesting the reality of the world
      • diacope used 'far too, most far' shows how one still has dreams but the others have none
      • different stages of life seen along the street the hopeful 'secretary' and the people who are stuck in a job to earn money
      • talks about fate and the way life has way of getting in the way
        • life is out of our control just like astrology 'astrology column'
          • it suggests the secretaries unrealistic hopes - a fake - like the astrology column
      • depicted as vulnerable again through use of 'next to nothing' and 'pale calf' - relates to a baby cow
        • the fact that she is 'shielding her eyes' from the sun reflects how she doesn't see the whole picture of adulthood
      • the 'flash of armaments'  reflect the harshness of the adult world compared to the 'shade of the house' - childhood
        • constrast between verbs 'gracefully' shows how childhood is a dream
    • structure
      • free verse to represent a stream of consciousness
        • this suggests the on going stream of life
      • lack of structure reflects lack of structure in childhood juxtaposing adultlife
      • the structure mirrors the idea of an easy passage as there are no blocks to it


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