The Plains Indians Section One

A mindmap showing what the Great Plains were like, features of a tipi, the spiritual beliefs of the Plains Indians and the uses of a buffalo. SHP HISTORY - AMERICAN WEST.

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  • The Plains Indians
    • The Plains Indians
      • Buffalo
        • Hunted through stampedes or wolf skins
        • Vital, so PI followed them
        • Vital to life & every part used by PI
          • Fur: clothes trimming, saddle stuffing, rope & mittens
          • Hide: bags, bedding, boats, clothes, drums, leggings & tipi
          • Tongue: Hair-brush
          • Dung/Buffalo Chips: Fuel
          • Heart: cut out an dleft on ground to give new life to the herd
      • The Plains
        • Desert-like
        • Strong winds
        • Extreme weather conditions
        • Expansive
      • Tipis
        • Ears/Flaps were directed with wind so that smoke from fire could escape, or be kept in
        • Buffalo skin held together with wooden pegs
        • Bottom could be rolled up to make it cooler or held down with earth
        • Scalps hung from poles
        • Pictures of events were painted onto the skins
    • Rituals
      • The Buffalo Dance
        • Good luck on next hunt
      • The Sun Dance
        • For help
      • The Scalp Dance
        • After killing an enemy
      • Visions
        • Young men sit in SWEAT LODGES
          • Recieve vision and name
        • Women can contact spirits
    • The Plains


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