American Patrol by Glenn Miller (1924)

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  • American Patrol by Glenn Miller (1942)
    • Scored for 5 Saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass and drums
    • A - First theme presented by saxophone with rhythm sec. supporting. Key = Bb
    • A2 - Theme repeated with its anacrusis and ends with diff. concluding phrase
    • B - Brass take next theme - Brief tonic chord responses from saxes. Coloured with cup mutes. 2 balanced 4 bar phrases.
    • C - Sax group leads into an antiphonal passage. Sax play sequentially derived material from B - brass respond with cadence figures sequentially
    • B - Scale up-beat associated with theme B leads in. Decorated with altos 1 and 2 with brief counter melody bars 44 + 8. Trombs = chromatic rising fig.
    • C - Another call and response passage - culminating with chromatic tutti in brass and all but alto sax.
    • BRIDGE - Drum break forming a bridge into next section
    • E - Call + response with brass and saxes. Tutti sections
    • F - Another borrowed melody on sax with key change from F to Bb culminating in loud tutti on F decorated with grace notes
    • A3 - The piece reaches a peroration in which the 2 main themes are presented in varied forms featuring variants on solo trumpet
    • A4 CODETTA - 1st theme reappears in varied form. Dynamic reduced to ppp. Then with sudden ff tutti passages.


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