American West Revision

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  • American West
    • The Great Plains are the grasslands of North America.
      • Early European explorers found the plains a very hostile environment.
    • Characteristics of the Great Plains
      • Enormous size
      • Lack of trees
      • Unpredictable weather
    • Native Americn Society
      • The Native Amercians were not one people, but lots of trubes
      • The most famous tribes were the Apache, Sioux, Blackfeet and Cheyenne, each one led by its own Council of Elders.
      • Native American chiefs had no power over his people, although he did have great respect from them, based on his bravery in war.
      • The hunt was the only occasion when everybody had to obey.
      • The only duty that members of the tribe had was to pray.
      • Because there was a need to take care of the women and children of the tribe, marriage was easy.
      • Community Spirit
        • The whole tribe had to join together for the buffalo hunt.
        • The young braves thought it was an honour to feed the old and the weak.
        • Old people voluntarily committed exposure (wandered off to die), as the tribe couldn't afford hangers-on.
        • They considered the worst crimes to be not looking after one's parents, hurting people who were sick, or harming the religion.
        • Horse stealing (from other tribes) was admired.


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