changing attitudes

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  • changing attitudes
    • 'open door policy' began to close in 1882 when the us banned further immigrants from china
      • many on the west coast blamed chinese workers for low wages despite them making up only 0.002% of the population
        • others opposed chinese immigration because they wanted to maintain white 'racial purity'
    • starting in 1917 the us closed the 'open door policy' with three laws.
      • literacy tests: immigrants now had to pass reading and writing tests. without and education, many of the poorer immigrants failed and were refused entry
      • emergency quota act 1921: capped the number of immigrants to 357,000 per year. only 3% of the total population of any overseas group in usa could come in after 1921.
      • national origin act 1924: further reduced the maximum number of immigrants to 150,000 per year & cut the quota to 2% based on the population of the us in 1890.
        • act was aimed at southern and eastern europeans. banned immigrants from asisa


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