Popular Culture - 1930s

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  • Popular Culture - 1930s
      • enabled those who could afford it to travel to cinemas, sports venues & shopping centres
      • although many were suffering from consequences of Depression, their horizons were wider than older generations because they were more mobile
    • RADIO
      • 28 million homes had one by 1939
      • almost all channels were commercial stations, relying on revenue from advertising goods that listeners were encouraged to buy
      • many were local stations, but national broadcasting companies like NBC & CBS were introduced
      • comedians like Jack Benny became famous
      • radio stations also promoted soap operas
    • CINEMA
      • during 1920s silent movies dominated screens-
        • Hollywood studios made huge profits in 1929= high point of silent screen
      • 1930s: 'talkies' began to replace silent movies
      • many films reflected conditions of time- Great Depression & slow recovery from New Deal
      • films were becoming more expensive
      • John Steinbeck's novel 'Grapes of Wrath' made into film in 1940= famous e.g. of a film reflecting the hard times of 1930s
    • SPORT
      • watching sport was a popular pastime & huge numbers travelled to watch baseball games
      • some teams like Harlem Globetrotters became famous beyond USA
      • some stadiums gave women free admission in a bid to boost interest within families
      • those who couldn't travel could still listen to a live match on radio


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