America-Land of the free.

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  • America-land of the free?
    • Independent state in 1783
      • Civil Rights -The basic rights that you are to expect (right to vote and request to be represented in the government
    • Won independence from colonists (Britain) after American War of Independence
      • The American Dream - The dream to have equality, freedom & liberty.
    • Already 500,000 men, women and children who were slaves
      • These slaves were mostly in the cotton growing Southern States
    • When many people from Jamaica and the Caribbean came to America the colonists held the view that the new world was only for them
      • This view remained mainly unchallenged until the mid 19th century
      • Segregation began from the very beginning
    • Why was it such a struggle?
      • Hard to try and change the attitudes & perceptions of people
      • Can't change things overnight.
      • Challenged the fundamental views of the American Constitution


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