America in 1945

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  • America in 1945
    • American system of Government
      • Federal system of government introduced
        • Power is shared between the federal Government (Washington) and individual states
        • Works on 'separation of powers'= each branch is separate
          • Relationship is governed through system of 'Checks and balances'
    • Federalism
      • Each state has own structure of Government
        • States seen as better protectors of individual rights than the federal Government in Washington
        • Constitution gives significant powers to the individual states
          • Laws can vary between states
    • Political parties in the US
      • Two main political parties in the US- Democrats & Republicans
      • Democrats
        • Traditional stronghold in the South
        • Liberal and interventionist strategy
        • 'Dixiecrats' based in South, often vote alongside Republicans in Congress against 'New Deal Democrats'
      • Republicans
        • Traditionally strong in the North
        • Tended to support non-intervention by federal government
        • Conservative approach to civil rights


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