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  • Ambition
    • cautionary tale
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • my thoughts and every feeling of my have been drunk up by the interest for my guest
              • 'drunk up' - links to intoxicating draught
              • enticed him not deterred - mirrors ancient mariner, even more for benefit of V
                • twist on ancient mariner as excites not deters - reflects how Shelley twists romantic
          • Colridge's the Ancient Mariner
            • the monster is the albatross, V is the mariner and W is the wedding guest
              • accentuates text as shows sense of fate, lack of blame - how V should act as a cautionary to W and the reader
        • do you share my madness? have you drunk also from the intoxicating draught? Hear me, let me reveal my tale and you will dash the cup from your lips
          • romanticism of the analogy of the 'intoxicating draught' reflects how disillusioned V becomes through glory
          • dualism between W and V emphasises their paralleled feelings and stories - cautionary tale
          • V doing it for his benefit when he confesses he will lift burden of himself - hasn't learnt from his own cautionary tale
    • ambition causes monstrosity
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • gave place to Hellish rage and gnashing of teeth
              • each's ambition to kill the other has lead to their loss of humanity
              • 'gnashing of teeth' mirrored - dualism - both has become so like each other you can't tell the different
                • humanity = individualism shows lack of humanity
          • Shelley feared scientific development believing it caused lack of humanity - seen here
        • when I thought of him I gnashed my teeth my eyes became inflamed
          • resorts to same state as monster 'gnashing his teeth'
          • in creating the monster he gives up his humanity giving all power to the monster
            • proof - he is ill after as has lost a part of himself
          • gothic description emphasises how far from his human self V is
    • pursuit of glory
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • the inestimable benefit I shall confer on all mankind
              • narcissism like V's - pursuit is glory - views himself as a martyr to men
                • martyr idea reflects context
                  • rising god like status - rejects him
          • suphrosyne - everything in moderation, V's excessive need for power leads to his downfall
            • enhances his hubris as can be compared to other tragic hero's
              • adds to novel as shows power of Gods and timelessness of Shelley's writing
        • greece had not been enslaved... empires of Mexico and Peru had been destroyed
          • heights that V wishes to attain. Shows he lives a simple life of family in pursuit of new great terrotories
          • inflated ego - he uses large example


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