Macbeth Ambition

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  • Ambition
    • Ambition is the fundamental theme not only because it is the driving force of Macbeth's life but also because it is the theme which informs the Shakespearean idea of tragedy.
    • In Macbeth we find that the heros greatest weakness (causing Macbeth to fall from grace and nobility) is ambition.
    • Macbeth  acknowledges this specifically when he is attempting to resist murder of Duncan.
      • The acknowledgment comes after he had considered all the good reasons for not murdering Duncan- only ambition is left to rule over his troubled conscience.
      • Furthermore the influence of Lady Macbeth and the witches is strong their power over Macbeth is only possible because ambition is already there
    • On first meeting Macbeth we find him being  startled and seeming to fear something which sounds so fair and this can only be because his ambitions caused him already to entertain treasonous thoughts
    • Macbeth then is a hero but one fatally undermined by his ambition and the consequences of such ambition are the fabric of the play
    • King James political and religious ideas influenced the play of Macbeth


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