Alternates to prison

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  • Alternatives to Prison
    • Fines
      • Most common of non-custodial sentences
      • Money is paid to the state
    • Community orders
      • Community Rehabilitation Order
        • Offenders over 16. Offender under supervision of probation officer for 6 months- 3 years. May have special requirements e.g. curfew, treatment for alcohol
      • Community Punishment Orders
        • Offender carries out unpaid work that benefits the community for between 40-240 hours
      • Combined Orders
        • Combination of both
    • Restorative Justice
      • Retributive Approach (Traditional View)
        • State is violated part & punishment is seen as deterant
      • Restorative Approach (New View)
        • Victim is violated party. Dialogue, negotiation & restitution are stressed
      • Types of Restorative Justice
        • Indirect Mediation
        • Victim Offender Mediation
        • Restorative Conferencing
        • Group Conferencing
      • Provides victims with...
        • Chance to explain impact of crime
        • Peace of mind about the future
        • Some control & choice
        • Acknowledge-ment of the harm caused
        • Chance to ask questions


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