Alternatives to Non-Renewables

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  • Alternatives to Non-Renewables
    • HEP -  California
      • Water is used to drive a turbine which powers a generator and creates electricity
      • 287 dams provide 12% of the energy for state
    • Biofuels
      • Animal waste and organic waste is put into a tank and left to ferment, the methane is a product and is used for cooking and producing electricity
      • It has low emission rate for producing heat
    • Solar Energy - California
      • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP): Generates electricity by concentrating the solar energy to heat a fluid which produces steam
      • Solar Photovoltaic (PV): Directly convert the solar energy into electricity with PV cells in panels
    • Hydrogen Technology; Toyota
      • Most abundant element in the universe but is combined with others (eg. carbon)
      • It can provide an alternative to oil once separated. This can be done with renewable energy
      • It can power vehicles with water as exhausts
      • Toyota has made a hydrogen fuel cell which is used in the car 'The Mirai'. The car has 4 motors (one for each wheel) which uses electricity converted by hydrogen


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