Alternative Theory: Levels of Processing

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  • Alternative Theory - Levels of Processing
    • The multi-store model over emphasises the role of rehearsal
      • We remember things because they are important
        • We remember important events because we think about it but we don not rehearse it
        • We remember also because it is interesting.
    • This theory suggests that there are different levels of processing in the brain - shallow and deep
      • Shallow processing is where we are not really thinking about the meaning
        • For example, we pick out some information like the colour of something
          • We are less likely to recall it
      • Deep processing includes thinking about what it means
        • We think further than what is actually there
          • We are likely to recall it
    • This theory contrasts with the multistore model
      • The LOP thinks that there are not different stores in the memory
        • There is also no structures
      • There is no limit by structures such as space and time
    • The LOP states that we can remember vast amounts of information in a short time if it has a meaning
      • For example, people who think something is important will remember facts about it better than others
        • This would lead to the ability to deep process the information
          • Others only had a shallow processing


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