Alternative schools

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  • Alternative education
    • Steiner schools
      • Summerhill radical school. offers 80 ish students education based on the idea that they shouldn't be forced to do anything, they can decide to do anything but harm others
      • Classes with mixed abilities, gender and multi faith. The curriculum is very flexible and offers students a chance to learn in a creative learning environment
    • Home schooling
      • Reasons
        • Cannot get a place for their child in a school of their choice
        • Unhappy at school
        • Methods of teaching in school are not right for their child
        • Special needs
        • Parents were home educated themselves or raised in situation where education was not focused on a traditional school environment
        • Philosophical or religious reasons
      • An education can be delivered at home by either tutors or parents. According to research conducted by Glasgow university 2008, around 50,000 people are taught at home
    • De-schooling (1970s)
      • Functionalist, Ivan Illich (1973) agrees that schools give us important skills and knowledge, and like marxists he argues that schools pass on dominant values
      • individuals could use certain web sites and tutors when they feel like they need them. this would prevent particular schools and organisations from holding a monopoly of information
      • the idea that schools should be abolished and replaced with some kind of informal education system


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