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  • Alliances
    • Every hyper power (USA today, Britain in imperial era) needs allies for power.
      • Allies can act as 'eyes and ears', spotting trouble
      • Increases military assets around the world.
      • Political and economic allies can project their influence on the whole world.
    • USA have the strongest military alliance (mutual defence) which its emerging power challenges cannot match (China, Russia, India).
      • Security alliance Japan - 3 Air Force bases.
      • Military alliance South Korea - 2 Air Force bases
      • NATO - (North Atlantic Treaty Org) - Canada, European countries, Turkey) - 14 Air Force bases
      • ANZUS - australis, New Zealand, US.
      • + 3 more.
      • Between them, spend US$966 billion on their militaries in 2015 (58% of global military spending).
    • Free-trade agreements also form from this.
      • EU: between 28 member states
      • NAFTA: USA, Mexico and Canada
      • ASEAN: between 10 south-east Asian countries (Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia,
    • Interdependence is created in terms of geostrategy.
      • Ecnomic prosperity requires global stability (wars are bad for trade).


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