Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Symphony No.40 in Gminor 1st Movement

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  • Mozart- Symphony No.40 in G Minor 1st movement
    • Intrumentation
      • Flute, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns, Strings
      • Double basses double the cellos one octave lower
      • Horms only play accompaniment as they could not play enough notes for melody
    • Structure/ Tonality
      • Sonata Form (First movement form)
        • Exposition: Gm
        • Development: Various Key
        • Recapitulation: Gm
        • Also uses Bb major in bridge, second subject and codetta.
    • Harmony
      • Functional Harmony
      • Regular perfect cadences
      • Use of Dominant Pedal
      • Circle of 5ths in Second Subject
    • Melody
      • Regular phrase lengths
      • Use of a sequence in First theme
      • Much melodic material derived from fragmentation and development of opening theme
      • First and second themes have contrasting character
      • Use of chromatic decent in second theme
      • Use of trills
    • Texture
      • Mostly Melody and Accompaniment (homophonic)
      • Some imitative dialogue (between clarinet and bassoon)
      • Melodies sometimes doubled in octaves (first and second violins)
    • Dynamics
      • Very prescriptive dynamics and articulation (use of accents, sudden changes etc)


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