All Blues

A VERY detailed analysis of All Blues by Miles Davis covering all areas you will need to learn for the exam and more!

Please tell me if I have missed anything out

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  • All Blues
    • Context
      • Miles Davis
      • 1959
      • Cool Jazz
      • Played  by a sextet
    • Texture
      • Changes during the piece from Polyphonic to Homophonic
    • Melody
      • Head melody is very simple and is characterized by a raised 6th
      • Fast Scales and runs are used
      • Virtuositic
      • Improvised
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • 6/4
      • Performed in swinging quavers
      • Frequent use of syncopation
      • 'Jazz Waltz'
    • Structure
      • Based on the 12 bar blues scale
        • G7 (x4) , C7 (x2), G7 (x2), D7#9, Eb7#9/D7#9 and G7 (x2)
      • Intro, Sax, Head, Trumpet, Alto, Tenor, Piano, Chorus, Head, Coda
    • Instrumentation
      • Trumpet - Miles Davis
      • Alto Sax - Julian Adderly
      • Tenor Sax -John Coltrane
      • Piano - Bill Evans
      • Bass - Paul Chambers
      • Drums -Jimmy Cobb
    • Style
      • Improvised - Score is written from the recording
      • Swug Rhythms
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • G Major, but has a flattened 7th
      • 7th and 9th Chords are used
      • Mixyolidian Mode
  • Fast Scales and runs are used


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