All the poems so far in the collection are a cry of rage and frustration. Do you agree with the view and why?

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  • All the poems so far in the collection are a cry of rage and frustration. Do you agree with the view and why?
    • Disagree
      • Loud
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      • Tall
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      • Woman Who shopped
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      • The Map Woman
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      • The diet
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    • Agree
      • Loud
        • Internal Rhyme is used to connote/ portray pain
          • "Swelling" and "Felling"
        • Dufffy uses battle/war imagery do get across the rage and frustration
          • "fighter planes buzzed" and "the shriek of the bomb, the bang of the gun
        • Duffy uses a semantic field of anger and violence
          • "Stomped", "shouting", "yelled","bellowing", "screeching"
        • Woman voices are not heard
          • "News had often made me shout one day her voice ripped out of her throat like a firework"
      • Tall
        • shown through isolation which is caused by her being famous
          • "personal birds sang on her ears" and "she slept outdoors,stretched, across empty fields or sand"
        • Shown by the loss of control of fame
          • "her clothes would be curtains and eiderdowns, towels and rugs"
        • Frustration is shown through what she drinks to get rid of dark thoughts
          • "ordered a stiff drink"
        • Duffy shows this through the amount of pressure of being famous
          • " showering in rain"
      • The Woman Who Shopped
        • Frustration of being trapped by societies views on women
          • "went out with a silver shilling"
        • The frustration with annihilation and destruction
          • "birds shrieked and voided themselves in her stone hair"
        • Duffy uses aggressive verbs
          • "sky was unwrapping itself, ripping itself into shreds"
        • The need to cope with her obsession for shopping
          • "Shuffle his plastic with hers"
      • The diet
        • rage is shown through the confrontation with her own body image
          • "By the end of week one, she was half a stone shy of ten and shrinking"
        • Frustration is presented by her obsession with her becoming slimmer
          • " One day the width of a stick, she started to grow smaller- childsized, dollsized, the height of a thimble"
        • the anger of her wanting to change back to her old self
          • "hearing the avalanche munch of food"
        • through the feeling of being lonely/ excluded
          • "lay in the tent of a nostril like a germ" and "Started  to sing.nobody's love"
      • The Map Woman
        • The frustration of the need to cover up her skin
          • "the map was under her stockings, under her gloves"
        • Frustration is shown through the use of similes
          • "bodies fading into the earth like old paint"
          • "Your tiny face trapped in windows bottle thick like a fly"
          • "Sloughed like a snake's"
          • "like a rash, like a slow burn"
        • the use of sybilance to increase the amount of violence
          • "sponged, soaped, scrubbed"
        • shown by the use of metaphors
          • " A woman's skin was a map of the town"


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