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    • Greek tragedy
      • Storytelling as an artform
        • The way in which the story is told involves the audience in the fate of the characters
      • Individuals represent larger issues in society
        • We therefore see the direct consequence of the ideas portrayed by characters
          • Joe represents the small minded, unchanging past generation while Chris embodies the new socialist ideals of post war America
      • Protagonist and hamartia
        • Joe's inability to accept that the world is bigger than just his family can ultimately be considered his hamartia
          • 'Nothing is bigger [than family]' pg77
      • Ideas of catharsis
        • We as an audience see the justice served as a result of the characters crimes
          • While the tragic demise of Joe brings about the feelings of pity associated with catharsis, the ending is not so justified for kate...
      • Structure
        • 3 acts, unity of time and place with a clear change from start to finish
    • Miller
      • Took inspiration from a true story
        • Suggests that the story does in fact reflect contemporary issues Miller faced
      • Accused of being unamerican
        • Witch hunted for his 'communist ideas'
          • Used this experience to write 'The Crucible', another commentary on societal issues
      • Inspiration for Joe Keller came from his father
        • Businessman who lost it all in the great depression
    • The effects of WWII
      • Profiteering
      • Family vs society
        • Many of the older generation fail to see the importance of wider society
          • The world has grown a lot during their lifetimes
        • Nuclear family became ideal
          • Brought about the white pickett fence ideaology
            • Appearance and reality skewed as a result


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