Alkanes Chemistry AS

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  • Alkanes
    • Hydrocarbons from crude oil
      • A hydrocarbon is a compound consisting of hydrogen and carbon only
    • Refining crude oil
      • Petroleum is a mixture consisting mainly of alkane hydrocarbons
      • Pertroleum fraction: mixture of hydrocarbons with a similar chain length and boiling point range
      • Step of producing crude oil
        • 1) oil is pre- heated
        • 2) then passed into column
        • 3) The fractions condense at different height
        • 4) The temperature of column decreases upwards
        • 5) The separation depends on boiling point
        • 6) Boiling point depends on size of molecules
        • 7) The larger the molecule the larger the van der waals forces
        • 8) Similar molecules ( size, bp, mass) condense together
        • 9)  Small molecules condense at the top at lower temperature
        • 10) and big molecules condense at the bottom at higher temperatures
      • this is a physical process involving the splitting of weak van der waals forces between molecules
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