Alkanes and Hydrocarbons

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  • Alkanes and Hydrocarbons
    • alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons
      • Hydrocarbons are compounds made only from hydrogen and carbon atoms
        • The more carbon atoms a hydrocarbon has the higher the boiling point is of the hydrocarbon
      • The carbon and the hydrogen atoms are joined together by chemical bonds
      • The compounds is crude oil are mainly hydrocarbons
    • Alkanes only contain single  C-C and C-H bonds
      • Alkanes are a group of hydrocarbons that share the same formula
      • The general formula for alkanes is CnH2n+2
      • Ethane C2H6
      • Propane: C3H8
      • Methane: CH4
      • Butane: C4H10


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