Halogens and Alkali Metals Mindmap

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  • Alkali Metals vs the Halogens
    • Alkali metals
      • As you go down group 1 the get MORE reactive
        • Outer electron more easily lost as its further from the nucleus
      • Lower Melting and Boiling Points
      • Low density
      • One outer electron
      • Form ionic compounds with non-metals, form a 1+ ion
        • Produce white compounds and dissolve in water to form colourless solutions
      • React with water to prodcue H2
        • React vigourously
        • Form hydroxides that dissolve in water to give alkaline solutions
    • Halogens
      • As you go down group 7 they become LESS reactive
        • Harder to gain an electron as the outer shell is further from the electron
      • HIGHER Melting and Boiling Points
      • Non metals with coloured vapours
        • All exist as molecules
      • Form ionic bonds with metals, 1-
      • More reactive halogens displace less reactive ones
  • Form ions with a 1+ charge
    • React with water to form Hydrogen


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