Alfred (part 1)

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  • Alfred 871-899
    • coronation
      • his brother die at the battle of ashdown
      • Alfred became king even though his brother had a son as he was named heir apparent
    • defense of Wessex
      • creation of burhs
      • he also created a full time standing army and navy
      • threat of the great heathen army
        • largest army of the time
        • taken over most of England
        • they first attacked lindis farm
      • defeat of the great heathen army
        • battle of edington
        • minstrel story
    • significance of Althelney
      • was where Alfred hid when he was in exile
      • where Alfred saw saint Curthbnuck
      • where Alfred planned his counter attacks against the vikings
    • peace treatys
      • after baptising gurthrum, Alfred gave him east Anglia
      • before the defeat of the vikings Alfred formed a treaty which lead to Alfred giving the vikings hostages
        • the treaty was broken
    • the capture of london
      • made the roman town into a burh as before hand people would not go there as they believed it was haunted
        • gave it to Mercia
    • return of the vikings
      • 890- hastein was the leader of the vikings that returned at the end of Alfred reign
    • key sources
      • asser's life of king Alfred
        • bias towards Alfred
      • William of Malmesbury
        • came over to England after the Norman conquests
      • Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
        • was written to make the kings of England look good
      • Aethelwird Chronicles
    • admistation
      • reeve
        • face to face relationship with the people of the shires
      • Ealdormen
        • senior officials and major land owners. severing the royal household. they raised the army
      • Kings household
        • formed the central point of his gov. assembly of notables
          • fluid institution: so people would move around a lot
      • witan
        • individuals who were considered to be trust worthy advisers to the king
      • Kings thegns
        • person of high rank who serves the king. form a line of command. they could be either ealdormen or reeve
      • clergy
        • performs roles in Alfred's administration system. linked the the household
      • burghal hidage
        • document of the first account of English administartion


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