Alfred (part 2)

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  • Alfred
    • Alfred's corpus
      • Gregory's pastoral care
        • guide to bishops duties
        • code of conduct for the people of the kingdom
      • Boethius's consolution of philosophy
        • monks accepting fate is the message
        • to trust in god
      • St Augustine's solidoquies
        • dialogue between Augustine and other people
      • books of psalms
        • how a king pleas with god to help defeat an enemy
        • allows priests to learn Latin
      • Gregory's dialogues
        • lives of saints in Latin
      • Orosain's history against the pagans
        • god gives support and guidance to the people
      • Bede's ecclesiastical history of the English people
        • account of seventh century England was stable and harmonious because people followed god and the church
      • Fulco's letters
        • letters between the archbishop of Rheins and Alfred about the decline in those learning Latin
    • reformers
      • Grimbold
        • was sent by Fulco the archbishop of Rheins
        • he was sent as an intellectual for Alfred's court and was involved in religious reforms
      • Asser
        • he was a scholar, who was in charge of the monastery of Exeter
        • wrote life of king Alfred
      • Plegmund
        • archbishop of Canterbury. better at than those from Wessex at Latin. from Mercia
      • John of Saxony
        • religious figure and scholar
        • bishop of althelney
    • Law codes
      • had 43 law codes
      • one of the codes on how plotting against the king is treason
      • some were on how to deal with stealing and killing
      • others were on religion
      • some argue that the law codes were put in place to secure Alfred's position rather than done for the good of the people
    • learning program
      • believed that it was either implement because of Alfred's love of learning or to improve the country
      • scholars were brought in from out side of wessex
      • librarys were up dated and restored
      • Alfred got a Latin tutor
      • translation of texts from Latin to old English
      • clergy better educated so closer to god


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