Alexander's treatment of cities in Asia/Caria

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  • Alexander's treatment of Greek cities in Asia/Caria
    • Miletus
      • PL city stormed & territory subdued
      • AR - outer city fell. Hegistratus took back surrender  Persian support
    • Sardis
      • PL (principal seat of Persian power) surrender rest follow
        • Hellenisation built temple lightning = Zeus approves
          • Mithrines kept own suite, Lydians old customs
            • Macedonian governor, Asander, son of Philotas
    • Halicarnassus
      • AR - Persians said to be there, other towns no resistance
      • AR - flung weapons but Alex's counter attack easy
      • AR Defenders attacked siege towers, unsuccessful later set fire (part)
      • Defeat Persian fleet from land
      • Triple gate fires but counter attack - stuck behind walls /died hand to hand fighting
        • Gates closed some left, killed, didn't want town destroyed
    • Ada of Caria
      • Pixodarus had taken over Caria, Ada offered to rule and adopt him
      • Alexander did not refuse the offer
    • Prophecy (PL)
      • Xanthus bronze tablet - Persians destroyed by Greeks
      • Pamphylia -Alex no water splitting, Climax road instead
      • Theodectas statue - link to Aristotle
        • Drunk - garland on it


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