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  • Alcohols
    • functional group -OH
    • Homologous sereies
      • Methanol
        • Ethanol
          • Propanol
          • Ethanol can be oxidised to ethanoic acid. By either chemical oxidising agents or by microbial action.
            • Ethanoic Acid is the main acid in Vinegar.
              • vinegar is an aqueous solution with ethanoic acid.
      • ...NOL
      • Burn in air
      • React with Na to produce H
      • Dissolve in water to form a neutral solution
      • Used as fuels and solvents
      • Ethanol is the main alcohol in drinks
    • H   H              I   I            H-C-C-O-H        I    I           H    H
      • CH3CH2OH


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