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  • Alcohols
    • Cn H2n+1 OH
    • Functional group is -OH
      • A group of atoms bonded together in a compound that makes it react in a certain way
      • Homologous series
        • A family of compounds that share the same functional group+ take part in similar chemical reactions
    • 1) Methanol
      • CH3OH
    • 2) Ethanol
      • CH3CH2OH
      • Pros of using ethanol as a vehicle fuel instead of fossil fuels
        • Made from a renewable resource, e.g. sugar cane; maize
        • Carbon neutral- the plants from which the fuel is made
      • Cons of using ethanol as a vehicle fuel instead of fossil fuels
        • Crops grow on land, which should be used for farming
        • Produces CO2 as it burns+ extra addition of CO2 into the atmosphere due to transportation costs, making fertilisers for crops, manufacture of ethanol
    • 3) Propanol
      • CH3CH2CH2OH
    • The first 3 alcohols have similar properties
      • Flammable
        • Burn in air to produce CO2+ water
      • Dissolve completely in water to form neutral solutions
        • The -OH of their molecules is similar to water
      • React with sodium to give hydrogen+ alkoxides
    • Solvents
      • Alcohols like methanol+ ethanol can dissolve most compounds that water dissolves
        • But also the ones that water can't dissolve
          • Hydrocarbons
          • Oils
          • Fats
      • Ethanol
        • Solvent for perfumes+ aftershave lotions
          • Can mix both the oils and the water
        • Methylated spirit
          • Ethanol with chemicals
            • Used to clean paint brushes+ as a fuel
        • Clean burning- the more ethanol in the petrol mix, the less pollution
    • Uses
      • Solvents
      • Fuels- flammable
        • Ethanol is usually mixed with petrol
          • Reduces emissions like carbon monoxide+ nitrogen oxides
          • Renewable - can be grown
      • Ethanol is alcoholic drinks
    • Pros
      • Ethanol makes huge profits for drink companies
        • Taxes bring income to the government
    • Cons
      • Causes deaths+ accidents- alcoholic drinks
      • Costs a fortune to NHS
      • High costs of policing alcohol related crimes


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