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  • Alcohols
    • Methanol CH3OH
    • Ethanol C2H5Oh
      • Uses of alcohols
        • Making esters-sweet smelling compounds used to make fragrances and food flavourings
          • Making emulsifiers,emollients,and thickners for cosmetics
          • Making solvents,for e.g ethanol is used as a solvent for fragrances in perfumes
    • Propanol C3h7Oh
      • Effects of alcohol
        • a defiency in vitamin B causing skin damage diarrhoea and depression
          • Decreased levels of iron,leading to anaemia
            • Liver damage
              • Destruction of brain cells
                • Increased risk of cancer
                  • Increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
                    • Inflammation and irritation of the intestinal and stomach lining,leading to ulcers and damage to the pancreas
                    • In men inability to get an erection,shrinking testes and penis and reduced sperm count
                      • In women,disruption to the menstrual cycle,risk of miscarriage and low birth weight or birth defects in their babies
                      • Problems with alcohol
                        • Hangovers
                          • Mood changes that can make people tearful or aggressive
                        • People finding them selves in violent situations
    • Alcohols that have small molecule e.g metahnol ethanol and propanol have characteristic odours
      • React with oxygen to form carboxylic acids
        • As number or carbons increases it changes from miscible to immiscible
      • React with carboxylic acids to form esters and water
      • As number of carbon atoms in chain increases boiling point increases-higher temperature needed for liquid to boik
      • As number of carbons increase its solubitliy in water decreases


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