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  • Alcohols
    • -OH Functional group
      • End in 'ol'
      • General Formula = CnH2n+1OH
      • Methanol
      • Ethanol
      • Propanol
    • The 1st 3 alcohols have similar properties
      • Flammable
      • Burn in air to produce CO2 and H2O
      • First 3 dissolve completely in water to form neutral solutions
      • React with sodium to give hydrogen and alkoxides
      • Ethanol damages liver and brain
    • Used as solvents
      • Methanol and ethanol can dissolve substances that water can't dissolve e.g hydrocarbons
      • Ethanol is the solvent for perfumes
      • Methylated spirit used to clean paintbrushes- poisonous
    • Fuels
      • Spirit burners- clean and non smelly
      • Fuel for cars, more ethanol/petrol mix, the less pollution produced
      • Sugar cane ferments to form ethanol
        • Sugar cane is renewable


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