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  • Alcohols
    • Have OH functional group and end in 'ol'
    • CnH2n+1OH
      • Group of chemicals that react in a similar way because they have the same functional group (OH group)
    • Methanol:CH3OH, Ethanol: C2H5OH, Propanol: C3H7OH
    • Proporties
      • Flammable
        • Burn in air to produce CO2 and H20
        • Ethanol used in spirit burners
        • Burns with 'clean' blue flame
      • Dissolve in water: form neutral solutions
      • React with sodium
        • Gives off H2 gas
      • Ethanol main in alcoholic drinks
        • Not as toxic as methanol (causes blindness if drink) but still damages liver and brain
    • USES
      • Solvents
        • Useful first 3 as can dissolve most compunds and also ones that water cannot dissolve e.g, hydrocarbons, oils, fats
        • Ethanol - perfumes - can mix oil and water
        • Methylated spirit
          • Ethanol but with more toxic methanol added
          • Used to clean paint brushes and as fuel
          • Poisonous to drink so purple dye added
      • Fuels
        • Ethanol can be mixed with petrol
          • More ethanol in petrol/ethanol mix less pollution produced
          • Fermenting sugar from plant material - ethanol
            • ADV - sugarcane is renewable resource





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