Alcohols - Organic Chemistry

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  • Alcohols
    • Basic info
      • General formula Cn H2n+1 OH
      • Functional group OH
      • Name ends in ol
      • Examples
        • Methanol CH3OH
        • Ethanol C2H5OH
        • Propanol C3H7OH
        • Butanol C4H9OH
    • Reactions
      • Complete Combustion
        • Alcohol + Oxygen   goes to CO2 + H2O
        • flammable
      • React with sodium to produce hydrogen
      • Can be oxidised using oxygen from the air to make a carboxylic acid
        • ethanol is oxidised using an oxidising agent to make ethanoic acid
      • Incomplete Combustion
        • alcohols produce carbon/CO monoxide and water.
          • CO is poisonous binds to haemoglobin to prevent oxygen form binding which leads to death.
            • Colourless and odurless so hard to detect
          • Carbon particulates can be dirty causing respiratory and breathing problems.
    • Uses
      • First four are used as fuels
      • Ethanol and methanol used as solvents as they can dissolve things water can't
    • Fermentation
      • Conditions
        • temp of approx 40
        • yeast as enzyme
        • no air so can respire anaerobically
      • converts glucose into ethanol + carbon dioxide using yeast (over arrow)


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