Al-Qaeda mindmap

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  • Al-Qaeda
    • Osama Bin Laden
      • Devoted
      • Wealthy
      • Released videos made him an increasingly recognisable figure
        • Spread his message
    • Aims
      • Destroy American influence in all Muslim nations, especially Saudi Arabia
      • Destroy Israel
      • Destabilise and overthrow pro-western governments in Muslim states
    • Powerlessness
      • Against the "westernisation"
      • They believed that Islam was under attack from non-Muslim opponents
      • Felt they were being ignored
      • There were suppressing traditionalist Islamic viewpoints
        • Army banned Islamic political parties from holding power in Turkey
    • Strength of the enemy
      • They were rich and well-organised but no watch for the USA
    • Pan nation group that has roots in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan
    • Methods
      • Fighting the Soviet Union 1988-1989
      • International terrorism 1992-
      • Terrorism in Iraq 2003-
    • Muslim extremists
    • Government action
      • Destruction of training camps in Afghanistan
        • Destabilising effect on the operating structure of Al-Qaeda
      • Refuse to talk to Al-Qaeda
    • Responsible for countless attacks
      • 9/11
    • Difficult to combat against
      • Different cells around the world each have different leaders and units
      • No home country - spread out


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