Al Capone

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  • Al Capone
    • known as scarface because of a fight with a bouncer
    • choice of weapon - thompson machine gun
    • rigged elections
      • filling cars with gunmen paraded the streets slugging and kidnapping election workers
      • polling places raided by armed thugs
      • ballots taken at the point of a gun from the hands of voters waiting to drop them in the box.
      • voters and workers were kidnapped
    • prosecuted for income tax invasion in 1925-29
    • st valentines massacre showed people gangsterism isnt glamerous
    • notorious gangster in chicago
      • bribed police officers
      • controlled breweries, nightclubc, speakeasis and brothels
    • joined 5 points gang ran by jonny torrio. 1921 - moved to chicago. took over the gang
    • killed 200 rivals
    • considered a hero because he opened soup kitchens after the wall street crash


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