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    • Task A
      • Preparatory report into current working practices.
    • Task B
      • Project plan in response to set brief.
        • Time for reviews and modifications.
      • Key dates, deadlines and timescales.
        • How work may be managed in small sections or tasks.
          • Organisation of information and resources.
        • Time for evaluation
    • Task C
      • Diary or log of completed work.
        • full list of all tasks undertaken as part of the delivery of the project.
        • An assessment of your contribution to the success of the task.
          • Your discussion of your skills needs to include your use of working with others
        • The skills used in meeting the requirement of the task.
    • Task D
      • Support materials for use with the project.
    • Task E
      • Evaluation of performance in relation to planning the project.
    • Task F
      • Evaluation of performance in implementing the brief.
    • Task G
      • Evaluation of your ICT solution to the given brief.


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