Ainsworth's Strange Situation

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  • Ainsworth's Strange Situation
    • Findings
      • Secure attachment:
        • Child happy to explore but seeks proximity
        • Requires and accepts comfort
        • Shows moderate separation and separation anxiety
      • Insecure-avoidant attachment
        • Child explores freely but does not seek proximity
        • Shows little/no separation and stranger anxiety
        • Does not require comfort at reunion stage
      • Insecure-resistant attachment
        • Child explores less and seeks greater proximity
        • Shows severe stranger and separation anxiety
        • Resists comfort when reunited
    • Procedures
      • Assesses the quality of a child's attachment to a caregiver
      • Controlled observation in controlled environment.
      • Involved a two-way mirror to observe infant's behaviour
      • 5 categories:
        • Proximity seeking: well-attached infants stay close to caregiver.
        • Exploration/ secure base behaviour: good attachment, child confident to explore, caregiver = point of safety
        • Stranger anxiety: displayed by well-attached infants
        • Sepeatation anxiety: displayed by well-attached infants
        • Response to reunion: well attached infants are enthusiastic
      • Procedure includes 7 episodes each lasting around 3 minutes.


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