Aims and hypothesis

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  • Aims and Hypotheses
    • Aim
      • A statement of what you are intending to investigate
    • Hypotheses
      • Definition: A statement of what you beleive to be true
      • Directional/one tailed: Predict that there will be a difference between two conditions, and you say the direction the difference will go in e.g participants will gain higher exam results after revising to classical music rather than death metal
      • Non directional/two tailed: You predict there will be a difference between the participants, but you're not sure in which direction e.g there will be a difference between exam results for students who revise to classical music and death metal
      • Operationalized variable: one that is made measurable/testable. Make variable specific
    • Null hypothesis
      • Sometimes there is need to state a null hypothesis- to say nothing will be found
      • Example: no difference in concentration levels of participants in loud/soft noise conditions
      • You either have an experimental, alternative or null hypothesis


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