AIDS/ HIV (describe the causes and means of transmission)

Mindmap on causes/means of transmission for AIDS/HIV.

Biology F212

Health and Disease module

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    • Causative Agent
      • Human Immunodeficiency virus
    • Transmission
      • Unprotected sex
      • Contaminated blood e.g. sharing needles, blood transfusions
      • Mother->Child e.g. breast-feeding, during birth
    • Prevention
      • HIV mothers to not breast feed
      • Contact tracing
      • Education
      • Needle exchange schemes
      • Screening of blood from donors
      • HIV testing for individuals
      • Using condoms/ femidoms
        • Discouraging sexual promiscuity
    • Treatment
      • Drugs that inhibit HIV 'Anti retroviral'
      • Vaccine to prevent AIDS
      • Medicine to boost immune system
      • Treatments for opportunistic infections which develop in AIDS sufferers
    • Problems with control
      • Poverty
      • Less education-disease/ transmission
        • More IV drug use/ shared needles
      • Lower availability of condoms/ religious objection
        • Fewer medical centres


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